Green Sunbrella Binding


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Green Sunbrella Binding

Sunbrella Binding – 7/8″ wide – This Sunbrella Binding is sold by the foot and is 100% acrylic and will not fade, mildew, or shrink from the summer or winter elements.  This Green Sunbrella Binding centerfold 7/8″ binding is woven from 100% solution dyed acrylic yarns that match Sunbrella fabric perfect.  The lengthwise edges are woven to minimize fraying.  Sunbrella Centerfold Binding folds naturally directly in the center for easy installation.  Goes around the corners easily.  Just fold the binding around the fabric edge and sew in place and see how easily it just melts in around the corners. This can be installed using a 1″ binding attachment also if you don’t want to install it by hand sewing it in.

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